Every day is new challenge, a new adventure. Trident Cases are designed to keep up. Like you, they’re ready for anything, because they’re built for unparalleled protection against drops, jolts, debris, dust and other damage. So you can live your life to the fullest – without worrying about your device.

Extreme Durablility For Your Phone

Rugged features like shock-absorbing TPE and hardened polycarbonate provide maximum protection against impacts.

Military Tested

Live without hesitation knowing that our cases are designed to meet Military Standards (MIL-STD-810G).

Green Protection

Cases are made from durable, bio-enhanced polycarbonate materials that are degradable, compostable and recyclable.

Ultimate Customization

Designed to adapt to your lifestyle with accessories, varying levels of protection and options to customize colors and designs.

Touch Sensitivity

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors don’t reduce touch screen sensitivity like cheap plastic or rubber screen protectors.


Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are made from the same materials as your phones front glass.

Takes The Damage

In most scenarios when you would usually break your screen, when using a Tempered Glass Screen Protector you would just shatter it instead. Just peel off the Tempered Glass, and your phone will be good as new!

Protect Your Device

Because fake chargers can be erratic in nature when it comes to supplying electricity, they might just end up damaging your phone. Your phone’s Battery, Charge Port, or Logic Board could be damaged by your cheap charger.

Fire Hazard

In extreme cases people have received 3rd degree burns(from fire), chemical burns(from the Lithium in the battery), and burned down homes due to damaged batteries exploding from improper charger use, improper voltage regulation of the charger itself, or poor charging practices. Basically Saving $15 just isn’t worth it.

Manufacturer Specifications

Always use the supplied charger & cable, if you don’t have it or aren’t sure if yours is Original Equipment, seek the help of a competent professional, and obtain a “OEM” or “OEM Certified” Charger & Cable .

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